Immunizations for Mature Adults

As we age our body’s immune system sometimes has difficulty functioning at peak capacity.  That is why it is so important that mature adults receive the necessary immunizations to keep them healthy and disease free.  To a Medicine Chest Pharmacist your health is our number one priority.  At Medicine Chest Pharmacy we are proud to offer immunization services for mature adults.  Our Pharmacists are trained professionals who are certified in vaccine administration.


Medicine Chest Pharmacy stocks the seasonal Influenza or “Flu” vaccine.  Every year a new batch of flu vaccine is produced in a formulation that is intended to combat that season’s most prevalent strain of flu.  A case of flu in a mature adult can be long lasting and may even lead to hospitalization.  Don’t wait; get your seasonal “Flu” vaccine at Medicine Chest Pharmacy.


Pneumonia is another disease that can be very dangerous in mature adults.  Medicine Chest Pharmacy offers the Pneumonia vaccine and it can be administered along with your “Flu” vaccine or at a time of your choosing.


Another disease that your risk of contracting increases with age is Shingles.  Anyone who has had chickenpox is at risk of developing Shingles.  The disease can be very painful and hard to treat.  Lower your risk by getting a Shingles vaccine at Medicine Chest Pharmacy.


With Medicare, or other insurance, your out of pocket cost may be little or nothing at all.  Call or stop by and your Medicine Chest Pharmacist will be glad to answer any questions you may have and take care of your vaccination needs.  At Medicine Chest Pharmacy we are “Making A Difference With Service” every day.

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